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Create Success

Imagine something awesome

Think big, and then think bigger. Don’t settle for anything less than awesome.

Bring it into being

Don’t spend the rest of your life telling everyone about how you had the idea first – and then how someone else stole it. Anyone can steal an idea, but no one can steal execution. Make it. Build it. Write it. Compose it. Sew it. Sing it. Film it. Code it. Paint it. Play it. But most importantly, DO IT.

Share it with the world

Put it out there. Get your work in front of people. The world can’t be changed by what it doesn’t see.

Sell it

You can be the world’s greatest writer, but that’s not the same as being a best-selling author. Why not become both?

So what’s the secret of success?

You need to create it.


Take a hard look at your website

You should have one. It should be awesome.

Being awesome is not the same as looking awesome.

Your website should be a massive global information net designed to capture and delight prospects, and ultimately convert them into happy and loyal customers.

You can’t do that by tweaking the fonts.


Your website needs to be remarkable!

Does your website position you as the #1 market-leading expert on the Internet for what you do and what you sell?

Does it capture interest, captivate viewers and convert them into real paying customers and loyal raving fans?

Does it answer the questions that will drive you to the top of Google?

Can you prove any of this with real hard data?

Or is your website simply a billboard in the desert?


Is your website the online Hub of your industry? 

It could be. It should be. It can be.


Don’t Create a Website. Create a Hub.

Your Hub is the focal point, and ultimate destination, of everything you do online.

It is the place where all of your other marketing efforts point to.

All of them.


What makes it a Hub and not just a website?

Timely, relevant, actionable and entertaining content.

Creating consistently remarkable content is the best way to get found online. Each individual webpage, blog post, video, white paper, eBook, product data sheet and what-not contains information about who you are and what it is you do.

The more awesome there is, the more likely you are to get found.

For you left brain types…

A 5 page website creates 5 opportunities to get noticed.

A 500 page website creates exponential opportunities to get noticed.

For you right brain types…

Exponential opportunities! That’s a lot.


Start by Creating Remarkable Content

Your website doesn’t have to be a corporate thing. In fact, the last thing anyone wants to read is a sting of lifeless and boring media releases.

So what is remarkable content? It’s anything that you can share that will either help or entertain people. It’s even better when it does both.

Here come the objections…

“But it takes a lot of time to research, write, edit and publish really remarkable content and I just don’t have that kind of time.”

Yep. It sure does take time. And effort too.

If you want to grow your business, you need to invest your time and effort wisely.

You also need to:

Think competitively: The higher the bar is set, the less competition there is. The question that you have to ask is are you the one setting the bar or is your competition?

Think long term: Investing your time and energy adding new and fresh content on a regular and consistent basis is like building an annuity. It becomes an asset of your business. It just keeps working for you and your business over time and the bigger the archive of awesome gets, the harder it works.

Start Small, but Start Now!

If you spend only an hour a week writing a well-researched, well-written, well-optimized blog post, it will continue generating both traffic to your website and sales for your business for years to come. That’s a pretty decent return on time invested.


Create Content Worth Spreading

It doesn’t have to all be Pulitzer Prize winning, and it doesn’t have to all be blatant link bait either, but a good question to ask yourself is:

Will someone find my content valuable enough to share with their colleagues, coworkers, business partners, customers, tweeps and Facebook friends?

It’s not enough to just pump out a ton of content with all the right keywords.

In fact, don’t focus on search engine optimization, metadata and keyword analysis at all. Just write something awesome.

Why? Because… “People spread awesome!” Just ask @unmarketing.

Imagine awesome. Write awesome. Share awesome. Be Awesome.


The secret to success is to create it!

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