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Are you looking to take your ideas to create a website that will have a visual
impact with your visitors? Is it important to hear how great it looks? If that’s the
case, there are plenty of design shops that can help you with just that design.

Not us.

We don’t design great websites just to look good. We design great
websites based on proven results (that also look good).

We trust the data.

Our goal for your website is to get people talking, clicking, liking,
following, sharing, tweeting, and, most importantly, buying.

Buying, from YOU.



We do this by becoming an extension of your team. Working together,
we set expectations, communicate through the process, build trust with
each other, and become a team.

We aim to make you the key player in your industry. As former NBA superstar
Michael Jordan* once said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.”

Together, we analyze the numbers, analyze the business, conduct the
research, and turn those insights into your website, including a creative
design, content marketing, video, and social media reach.

Now, everyone, put your hands in, and give us one more


*No endorsement by Michael Jordan implied. Wayne Gretzky was also unavailable.


The Smashing Team


Trevor Cherewka


Trevor is a starter and a doer with years of extensive sales, marketing, design, event management and leadership experience. He is also the driving force behind the Tweetstock franchise of events. As CEO of Smashing Pixels he leads an extraordinary creative team of Super Friends into the ever changing landscape of Internet Marketing. In his private life he is a husband, father, volunteer, coach, lover of life and fan of all things 80′s.

David HEadshot

David Vollans

Business Development

Dave is a Swiss army knife of customer-centricity, business savvy, and organization skills. As our COO, Dave guides the workflow that takes our projects from concept to reality. In his outdoor life Dave is a cyclist and competitive sailor. He is also the only person at Smashing Pixels who has been to 3 Tweetstock’s + 1 Woodstock. Dave’s wife is a mosaic artist. They live on an organic farm with a small herd of feral cats.

Jody Matheson

Jody Matheson

Jody is a digital video pioneer, using his creative story-telling as an online producer, editor and host for thespec.com. Jody has brought to screen the concepts of local, national and international clients with skill and attention to detail. When not in front of the camera, Jody likes to be behind one, with an interest in photography. He tuned his creativity through an online comedy advice column and is now working on his first book after stints as columnist, poet, contributor and editor for various print publications.


Joe Stevens

Pixel Wrangler

When Joe was a child his Mom says he was at his happiest when he was drawing. Give him a pencil and piece of paper and he’d be lost for hours. Now Joe wrangles pixels. He does it for the web and for print and has been doing so since the Mac II, for businesses big and small, local and international. Joe’s goal is to make your designs work for you. Good design isn’t just how something looks, it’s also how it works. When not wrangling pixels Joe is likely sipping single-malt scotch and listening to Sinatra.


Kevin Magee

Chief Technology Officer

Kevin is a hacker, writer, serial entrepreneur, sales guy and Power Point performance artist who’s almost Internet famous. An experienced and accomplished leader, business creator, startup veteran, senior sales executive and code monkey, Kevin speaks fluent entrepreneur, suit and geek. As Chairman and Chief Technology Officer he is the creative force that does the “big thinking” and “tech tinkering” behind Smashing Pixels.

Greg McMillan

Greg McMillan

Senior Writing Strategist

Words, words, words… That’s what Greg McMillan is all about. He’s a wordsmith, able to craft stories to help clients realize their full potential. Greg offers superior writing services of all kinds, shapes and sizes. His background is a comprehensive one, with some of the most recognizable media brands, including the Globe and Mail, Canada’s national news service. But we’re not talking about some one-trick pony… Earlier, Greg was a columnist/editor at the Hamilton Spectator. We could go on, but we won’t… Oh, one more thing: His involvement in social media. Let’s just say he’s been all over that, too.


aq_block_1-Social Media

Social Media

Social media is imperative for your brand to be part of the digital market and create buzz around your business.

See Your Strategy

aq_block_1-Lead Generation

Lead Generation

If you want to have more customers & grow your business, you need to embrace Online Lead Generation.

What You Need to Know

aq_block_1-Professional Video

Professional Video

Video production is the most powerful medium for communicating who you are and what it is you do. Period.

Here's Why

aq_block_1-Targeted SEO Content

Targeted SEO Content

Targeted SEO content is what connects your website with the customer who is searching for you, right now.

Want to Know How


What are your business settings today?

Is you website aligned with your business settings?

Does your content marketing get results?

Is your Social Media helping or hurting?

Results matter. What do your online results say?

Do you need an online business partner?




A satisfied customer is our best reference…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the greatest bunch of people at Smashing Pixels my website development team in Brantford. David, Joe, Trevor, and Jody have been able to use all their extraordinary talents to assist me in my new venture. R. Baetz, turncycle.ca
I worked with Smashing Pixels on three projects and they have been tremendous. They were great to work on creative for ad campaigns and social media. Also strong on implementation of ad and P.R campaigns. They can put together good integrated campaigns quickly and efficiently and their services are fantastic. Great work and good value.P. Gillies, PR Consultant
I have worked closely with Smashing Pixels on several marketing projects. Their creativity and enthusiasm shown throughout the entire project always left a positive impression. SP possesses solid writing skills which have enabled them to compose quality work for publication. They also have the analytical skills to devise effective promotional programs. Their ability to remain focused and on task were an invaluable asset that kept our entire team on track and on schedule. They are truly a professionals in their field. If you want to promote your business or services, you need to talk with Smashing Pixels.R. Casey, Brantford, ON
This is to express my appreciation for the work Smashing Pixels did on my behalf. I am very pleased with the design, and the way you helped refine and express my ideas in an effective way that communicated what I wanted to say. I appreciate your time and experience. I certainly would have no problem recommending your services to someone else.Pastor Dale Renout, Brantford, ON
Smashing Pixels was very supportive of the Canadian Cancer Society when we were struggling to market a brand new fundraising event in the competitive world of mud run obstacle courses. They took the few materials we had and created a fun and attractive Facebook advertisement. They worked closely with us to assure we were targeting a specific clientele and we noticed an incredible increase in our event registration and social media followers. Trevor from Smashing Pixels has been a pleasure to work with and I recommend using his services to keep up with the ever changing world of social media advertising.V. Janzen, Canadian Cancer Society

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